Organic Food Development Center, MEP of China (shortened as OFDC), founded in 1994, is the oldest and largest specialized organic research, inspection and certification organization and the only organic certifier in China that has been IFOAM (the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) and ISO65 accredited. OFDC has more than thirty organic inspectors, among them 12 have received IOIA (the International Organic Inspectors Association) training certificates.

Being the first IFOAM member in China and a pioneer of the organic agriculture movement in China, OFDC is staffed with a group of experts who have long been actively engaged in researches on and technical extension of eco-farming and organic farming. OFDC has launched and implemented a number of research and demonstration projects. By the implementation of the projects, the concept and principles of organic agriculture has been widely spread and accepted in China. Organic farming has shown its positive influence with regards to rural environmental protection, structural optimization of agriculture, poverty alleviation and sustainable development of agriculture.

As a pioneer of the organic movement in China, OFDC has been running annually national and regional “workshops on organic food development and techniques and seminars for exchange of organic information” and also regularly training courses for organic certification inspectors since 1994. The “Organic Food Times”, a journal edited and published by OFDC, has become a major channel for people in China to learn organic farming knowledge and relevant information.

Looking forward to the future, OFDC will stick to the mission of “ensuring human health and protecting ecological environment through promoting sustainable agriculture”, and do its utmost to contribute to healthy sustainable development of the society.
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